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Transitioning to a Data First Culture

Organizational Transformation incorporating Data Analytics

Transitioning to Data-first Culture: Stories from the Battlefield “Data is the new oil. AI is the new electricity.” That quote from Andrew Ng has certainly helped set up a culture of change in the technology world. Many people feel that if they’re not extracting every ounce of information from their data, opportunities can be lost. While we certainly believe that data is important, some of the hyperbole around data and data science has gotten a little out of hand.

In this talk we will recall real stories about using data in current and prior organizations. In some cases, data science was a natural fit and in others it was more difficult to implement.

Our goal is to give the audience a flavor of what organizations actually have to go through to become a data first culture. The panel will discuss these topics:
Overview of data platforms and tools, and how to distinguish between them:
• Big players—AWS, Google, Oracle, Azure
• Tools such as Tableau, SAS, Oracle analytics, Microsoft Power PI
Transformation/ Activation of data for healthcare – from dashboards to actions:
• Data foundation, aggregation
• Getting to KPIs and dashboards to actions
How to implement platforms, tools, dashboards – from a project standpoint
• High level implementation details, changing skills of organization
• Change management and key elements of success/ adoption
• Beyond scaling of organization.

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DATE: Thursday, May 20, 2021
TIME: 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM Virtual Networking, 6:15 to 8:00 PM Presentation. (Pacific time)
PLACE: Virtual via ZOOM wherever your connection is good.
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Jon Morra – Vice President of Data Science at ZEFR
In this role, Jon leads a team of data scientists responsible for creating data-driven models. Jon and his team are focused on bringing ZEFR’s wealth of information about video on the internet to help better drive customer’s needs and meet market demands. Previously, Jon was the Director of Data Science at eHarmony, where he helped grow the data science team to support multiple business facets.
Jon holds a B.S. from Johns Hopkins and a Ph.D. from UCLA both in Biomedical Engineering.

Lisa Gwinn, PMP – Program Manager for Oracle Corporation
Lisa has accomplished a variety of large scale technical, infrastructure and application deployments during a career of more than 20 years within project management, technical and application architecture, governance, implementation and development disciplines. Ms. Gwinn continues to deliver high performance global sophisticated engineering solutions, optimizing Exadata and Exalogic.
Ms. Gwinn has considerable experience in multi-site global implementations for enterprise applications, business process reengineering, data center build outs, and infrastructure related programs using a very diverse resource pool. She has also led the development of applications and integration efforts to create commercially available customer driven software solutions. Her experience spans a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace and defense, financial, distribution, government, healthcare, semi-conductor and electronics industries. Ms. Gwinn is recognized as an enabler of demanding, highly visible efforts with impressive results.
Gwinn loves to share her zest for project management by volunteering her services in support of various Phoenix based charities and the Miss America Organization. Lisa has partnered with corporate leaders to develop enterprise level solutions, optimized business processes, and achieved operational objectives at companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Electronic Data Systems, Amkor Technology, Inc., and PayPal. She has also spoken at many large-scale events and conferences; such as Oracle Open World 2012.

John Barto – Healthcare Evangelist at Microsoft Corporation
John is a true visionary at applying technology to solving Healthcare challenges. John gained much of his hands-on experience early in his career when he was a CIO responsible for developing, deploying and managing all the Information Technology assets and personnel for a county hospital in central Ohio. Building on this foundation, he went on to architect and develop the first Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) ranking system, for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, helped build small to mid-sized Healthcare Information Systems providers and developed Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) systems under a consortium of HMOs in the state of Michigan. John’s contributions to healthcare have global reach as demonstrated when he was involved with creating agreements for the Thailand Ministry of Health to use early forms of TeleHealth to overcome some of the challenges with distributing healthcare into hard-to-reach rural populations within the country.
Since joining Microsoft in 2011, John has focused his energy on helping Healthcare organizations create engaging experiences focused on health consumers, employees and affiliates which are injected into daily workflows without creating additional effort to their targeted audiences. The secret to these efforts is the ability to spin up new services, test and modify them very quickly based on their measured effectiveness. Increasingly Health organizations are recognizing that offering new experiences in an agile manner requires the support of a robust set of secure, compliant hybrid cloud capabilities that can be easily assembled and deprecated within a business model that has similar flexibility. Mature capabilities in Advanced Analytics, Sensor management, Telecommuting, Cognitive computing and collaboration tools offered within the public cloud are real weapons to improve population health and personalized medicine. A great example would be continuously receiving patient reported data from wearable sensors which can feed analytics models to provide early warning of changing wellness conditions and engage a medical professional for early intervention to control the situation.
A student of the complete healthcare system, John understands the challenges of Healthcare information management and is focused on applying the latest information technology treatments to improve the overall results of the system

Shelly Wright, PMP, CISA, CSM, CITRMSProgram Management Principal at Kaiser Permanente
Shelly currently leads large complex programs at Kaiser. For over 20 years, she has helped organizations from startups through Fortune 500 businesses improve their IT systems with dramatic and sustainable results in the areas of integrating IT & cyber security, complex program/project management, corporate governance, quality assurance, and business process engineering.
An innovative leader in IT and business strategy, Wright loves to share her passion for IT and project management, simplifying them so others can easily embrace them. Shelly has partnered with corporate leaders to develop enterprise level solutions, optimized business processes, and achieved operational objectives at companies such as Capital Group “The American Funds,” EarthLink Network Inc., Public Communication Services, Kaiser Permanente, and Scorpion Computer Services (the subject of CBS TV’s current hit show “Scorpion.”)
Wright is a Certified Project Management Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified ScrumMaster,® and Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist®. Shelly Wright teaches university‐level project management, program management, and quality assurance courses on behalf of the UC Irvine, Division of Continuing Education, the University of Redlands, and UCLA. Shelly Wright is the founder of Wright1 Consulting, Inc.
Wright also holds several board positions and was awarded the 2016 University of California ‐ Irvine Division of Continuing Education’s Distinguished Instructor Award. In 2015, Wright received the SoTec Inspirational Award which is conferred upon technology professionals who distinguished themselves by inspiring other technology professionals through admirable charity work and giving back to the community.

DATE: Thursday, May 20, 2021
TIME:5:30 PM to 6:15 PM Virtual Networking, 6:15 to 8:00 PM Presentation. (Pacific time)
PLACE: Virtual via ZOOM wherever your connection is good.
COST: FREE for MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS with advance registration.
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